Blinded by Rainbows







Sometimes we get it right. We rise from the massive ash heap left smoldering, get past the shambles we’ve created for ourselves, and act in our own best nature. Like today. I woke up this morning disoriented. It was raining heavily with high winds and dark clouds. But strangely as I looked around the customary blight that surrounds us in this city, all I saw were rainbows literally everywhere.

As I read the morning news, I caught up on the first big story of the week. After countless tea party efforts to subvert the Equal Access to Health Care law, the Supreme Court decided it would let it stand. So now millions of children in poverty will have a better shot at getting the basic health care they need. That’s clearly gonna p@&$ some people off.

One would hope.

And in the second story of the week, we decided “equal access” meant exactly and simply that. Equal for everybody. Conservative jurists have historically described their view as a “strict construction” of the law. They “do not legislate from the bench.” But apparently if they don’t like the way the tide has turned, they reserve the right to take their marbles and go home, but not before wrapping up final arguments in a tidy screed of nastiness for everyone, and future generations to read.

Scalia’s dissenting opinion reads like an email someone writes to sound off after some petulant and petty dispute, but decides upon further reflection to wait before sending.

Only he pressed send. Which means he must have wanted future generations to know something more of our times:

When large dinosaur-like A-holes walked the earth. And old white men decided the fate of women’s reproductive rights, and self-righteous religious bigots wrapped themselves with false pride in Parchment passages from the bible and spewed vitriol like Hitler from the pulpit and we screamed “unbelievable” as they called it faith.

And we marched off patriotically to export democracy across the globe, send spent trillions of dollars on the way there, and turned part of the Middle East into a parking lot, and left the rest of it resembling the same war zone as our own inner cities after the race riots in the wake of armor.

Racism is dead now. We eliminated it like so much other pestilence just like polio, smallpox and tuberculosis, and the biggest affliction of this past decade, Osama Bin Laden.

Or wait a minute — is that him in the corner laughing with Saddam Hussein from the grave looking at the return on his investment from two planes he aimed like warheads at the World Trade Towers?

That must be my imagination.

Because don’t forget, we still have someone smart but sinister sitting on the big Bench ruling that corporations are just like people, and they can buy the American Dream and give it away to a select 1% of the people.

And in a generous interpretation of the Constitution they also decided to give everyone without good judgment and an axe to grind free access to weapons of our own mass destruction. Smaller versions of the ones we didn’t find in Iraq. These can be carried by suburban teenagers unobserved into shopping malls, elementary schools and churches to rid ourselves of the terrorist threats that lurk in midtown America.

As further protection we decided that we should gather up the most evil among us and they should be executed by the state even if we later learn thru scientific evidence they couldn’t possibly have done it. So we can now stand armed in arms with Iran and North Korea as the most developed country in the world to maintain the death penalty, and allow the state to shoot to kill first, and use DNA evidence posthumously to acquit afterwards.

We did it. We chose to do it freely, with free elections, not like the ones in sub-Saharan Africa where the UN peacekeepers must intervene to protect the ballot box, but here where our right to vote is protected by income and inclination, and the disenfranchised needn’t bother to show up at the polls, because we don’t care about their opinion anyway, and if we want them to have one we’ll put in on Fox News or Facebook for them.

Clearly, the only way we could have let this happen is we were picking our noses when we picked in a free election the One who picked this Supreme guy among nine others to safeguard the most sacred document in the free world next to the bible.

Is this what our free world is coming to? It must have been just a bad nightmare last night.

Because as it turns out, I woke up this morning, and everyone’s smiling and love is in the air, and all I’m seeing everywhere I look is rainbows. Beautiful rainbows.

Conservatism is the negation of ideology. When did it run off the rails and go so horribly wrong? When did it become a haven for the petulant and pedantic? Where the bombastic can bloviate without any obligation to govern fairly? What happened?

Sometimes I just can’t see it. Like today, blinded by endless patches of rainbows. I’m just so happy I could sing if I could hold a tune. Looking around in disbelief, Rainbows everywhere. Morning in America.

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