Je Suis Paris!


My prayer for those responsible for evil in Paris

Evil by its nature is inexplicable. But it is embedded deep in our DNA that we must find answers when violence or tragedy strikes. This is in our basic nature, so we simply must stiffen our resolve to aggressively resist the rush to judgment.

As we look to the recent coordinated acts of terror in Paris, let’s be clear Muslims did not do this. People professing a dangerous and false fealty to Islam did. This is an important and critical distinction. Faith in God and a higher power can only be validated by love, respect for life and equality. True Islam, as with true Christianity and Judaism all proclaim these values as a core tenet of true faith.

The heinous crimes against Parisians were committed against all people of faith, of all of us who yearn for a civil society. And just as we liberated Paris what seems like eons ago in World War II, we must return in a strong stand of solidarity toward Paris and all those who adore freedom, practice love and desire peace.

What happened to innocents aboard is deplorable. Let’s stand in unity to bring those responsible to justice. Let’s stand in solidarity as we showcase the best in our arsenal of blood-steeled values. It shouldn’t be an eye for an eye– that is not true justice. Only the light vanquishes darkness. Only love extinguishes hate. Only mercy exalts justice.

The toughest truth about tragedy is the recognition that mercy is honorable, not retribution.

It is tough not to want to hurt those responsible. But we are tougher. And we will prevail when we stand in solidarity on this. Yes, bring them to justice, sequester them from those who are free among us, but display God’s infinite mercy.

Leave behind talk about how this confirms the need to be more militarily involved abroad or buttoned up at our borders. Leave the final judgment to God, and bring resolve to our efforts to restore peace.

Je suis Paris!

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