I love my nieces to pieces: Now get to work!



This is a letter to my many mighty nieces, those related by biology and those with whom I share some other cosmic connection:

I’ve seen your posts and understand how crushing it is to witness morning in America today. It’s hard not to feel it personally and deeply as a body blow, a sucker punch, a disturbing red flag. But saner times will prevail. Our democracy spoke and what it reminded us is that everyone gets a voice in it, even those with whom we disagree or take issue. We will need to figure out how to bring those clearly disenfranchised with everything back into our fold. We are stronger together and we need to find the way forward together.

On this day, when we could be thinking darker thoughts, I’m looking at your writing and your work at school and in your far flung jobs and adventures this fall, and this collective caring has become my inspiration. This is my fallback from despair. I know with strong aspiring women like you and the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, sisters, friends and cousins who inspire you, and whom I publicly applaud and adore, the world and our country will get it right yet.

You will no doubt get right back to work, and this is what buoys me today. You will press ahead fearless and determined. They will never see the quit in you. I suspect today will have changed you profoundly. You will no doubt step back and ask some important questions. How do we figure this out? How do we move forward? How do we get the civility and compromise back into the collective discourse and conversation?

How do we bring others in without leaving anyone out?

As parents there are certain times when we can’t protect you from bad stuff happening and the bad guys from winning one. But we have prepared you for those times, confident you will stand tall and prevail in ways we never contemplated. You are brave, you are smart, you are strong. And crafty!

It’s your turn now. Thank God for that. BTW, I’m pretty sure She’s listening today!

To Better times ahead! Thank you Rosie for your spirited response. Yes you are my favorite, just as every other niece is too! But you’re the one who brought me to tears.

From Rosie… Rome after the election


This morning I woke up in Italy to many texts, notifications and news of the results of the election. I thought today would be the end to what seems to have been a nightmare of campaigning and politics. Instead I cried tears of shock, tears of fear, and tears for so many of the people I love and who are close to me.

My heart reaches out to all those in the LGBT, Muslim, black, Latino and female community.
I’m passing on this letter to all of you, from my uncle Ron, someone who has never wavered in his faith in me and the things I am capable of.

Thank you Uncle Ron for reminding us that at the end of the day we are stronger together. At the end of the day we will never quit. At the end of the day love will always overcome hate.